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I made a game. You can play it here. Nokia days FTW!



Hello, I made a planet with PS. It’s called ‘Astari’, let me know what you think! Cheers.

Planet Astari


Running & Music

I’ve never done any sort of running whilst listening to music. Though I do understand why people do though. They think I’m strange but I tell them to think of it like this: “Running is a form of meditation to me, it’s through running that I reflect and focus on life and all its aspects. It’s a time to contemplate; my time.” I run for life and I run for fun. By running without headphones I can completely absorb the scene and experience the moment for what it is.



I’ve decided to breathe new life this blog by posting something that has truly moved me. I’d like to apologise for neglecting this project for so long, but I promise that updates will be more frequent and interesting from now on! ^_^

The video I’ve decided to share with you guys goes by the name of ‘SYMPHONIE CINÉTIQUE – THE POETRY OF MOTION’ by Joachim Sauter and Ólafur Arnalds. It is a captivating expression of light, motion and sound that was produced exceptionally creatively! I’d say that this is poetic interplay of sound and movement but that’d simply scratch the surface of this thoughtful exploration.

I can’t remember the last time something moved me this intensely as this is not only expressive but incredibly and carefully balanced! Balanced in the sense that it is expressive but not overly so in that it allows you to feel and gives you time to thoroughly catch on to its hypnotic and dreamlike movements. This WILL allow you to feel the harmony that has been delicately laid out; an intertwining interplay of space and sound.

I truly appreciate this piece for its ephemeral nature as I have a great appreciation of the skilful application of ephemerality to emulate the nature of our natural world. In a sense it is a melancholic piece as the music performed was written especially for this production therefore it is incredibly ephemeral and transient. This can also be thought of as beautiful and a deliberate act of dedication. It is a dedication to the nature of light, motion and sound. So please listen, watch and enjoy. You’ll definitely appreciate the level of immersion that this exploration will provide you when it surrounds you.


Dear Hearts and Gentle People

For some reason I have this song stuck in my head. I guess it’s partially due to the fact that I love the 1950s and this definitely has an iconic 50s vibe to it. Additionally, I think I am in my Electro Swing phase again, I think that has something to do with it as well. I love this tune, it’s so sweet and simple, so are the lyrics. Bob’s voice really warms the heart with its lovely vocal range and the harmony provided by the choir is just delightful!