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Tofugu’s new post ‘Do Your Ears Feel Lucky, Punk?!’ was an interesting exploration into Japanese superstitions and its effect on what its society perceives as an attractive physical trait. An extract from the article explains, “A person with large earlobes is considered to be blessed with luck and wealth in his or her life.” This association stems from the fact that Siddhartha (the founder of Buddhism) was born and raised in a royal family and as a part of their accessories, they often wore heavy earrings. Hence the Japanese association of large ear lobes with wisdom and fortune and it’s said in Buddhism that this particular quality is a “required vessel to hear the voice of God as well as natural revelations”.



Happy Birthday (The Beginning)

Happy Birthday (The Beginning)

This is the first line of the first page, it’s also the first post. Still trying to fine tune everything and learning about all cool functions of WordPress. I suppose this is a great time for new beginnings since Sarah is 22 now, I am so proud of her. One year older, more beautiful and so much wiser. Happy Birthday Sarah!

I suppose it’d be rude of me to not introduce myself first since I’m the host to your crazy exploration into my ‘abode’. I am not sure if it’s customary blogging practice to introduce some sort of formal salutation to the world, I do read blogs but I haven’t read the ‘first post’ of enough blogs to make an informed decision regarding this. So logic dictates that I should cover my bases and do one, since it doesn’t hurt anyway. Hello World, my name is Yiru Rocky Huang, most people call me Rocky. But on the Internet, I am often referred to as Lireoec or if you’re in ISYS104, I’m ‘That Crazy Asian Guy’. I am an eBusiness student at Macquarie University, but that’s not that important here, unless you happen to make it important.

I am your host but I also a firm believer in the interconnectedness of all things & therefore I am most likely going to be influenced by you, my audience. So I am going to let go and see where this takes me, and if you guys and girls want to come along ‘for the ride’, you’re more than welcome to let me know what you’d like to see and what you think of my eccentric ramblings. But you’re definitely not limited to those two posting options, otherwise this would be the blog with the most predictable feedback in the world.

This is the result of months of planning in my head, my mind-castle, I’ve finally come across a solution I am happy with and this is the implementation. So far everything’s going smoothly and working according to plan. Hopefully the hiccups will be few and far between and that every single one of you will be able to get something out of this, that’s my original wish but not my only wish here.

Since this is a time of ‘beginnings’, with the start of my mid-semester break, Sarah’s birthday and this project, I truly wish that our (Sarah & I) adventures will transform us for the better; showing us the beauties and wonders of life during the process. Ups and downs are not only inevitable but I believe that these are necessary elements, so we should embrace everything and each other and then together we’ll set sail into the great beyond, hoping for a brighter new day! I think this is something that everyone should consider and if you agree, you should definitely embrace this concept with your loved ones. Thank you!